17 Cat Tattoo: Tips for Showing Love

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Cat tattoo

Cats are beloved pets of many people; and this animal is easy to found anywhere. They are lovable pets, nowadays people are changing from having dogs to cats as their pet and they love their pet so much. Therefore, the cat owners want to show their love to their cat as the pet in form of permanent ink, the cat tattoo. It is gaining more and more popularity in modern tattoo art, mostly it is used for women because it shows the feminine like butterfly tattoo designs. However, some guys also show particular interest in cat, thus cat tattoos are generally unisex.

Cats are very intelligent animal on the nature; they are very flexible on their movement. On the ancient Egypt, the cat tattoo used as the symbol of Goddess of the moon, and on the modern live the cat tattoo known as the symbol of home guardian. As the tattoo, it comes in various shape, colors and style. It will look cute once it done on your skin. The cat tattoo style can be done with combination of other tattoo style likes tribal tattoo style. it is also available in 3D design, make it look real. Many celebrities also love to have this tattoo design. If you also interesting on cat tattoo design, here is several ideas that may inspired you.

Cat Tattoos Ideas and Meanings

This tattoo design is indeed varies, and different design will represent different meaning. For example, the cat eye tattoo has some believes that the wearer able to see things more than what exactly they are. The black cat tattoos are mostly associated with the myth, destruction and misfortune; however, black cat tattoos look very cute and it is suitable for girl tattoo. So, it is a good option after all.