15 Dandelion Tattoo: a Typical Floral Themed Tattoo

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Dandelion Tattoo

When it comes to talking about having a tattoo around the body, there would always be some pros and cons happen. Some people may think that having a tattoo is a very cool thing to be done as they can freely express their ideas and feelings about anything they want and they love. However, some others may think that having a tattoo is just not suitable with their personality, character, or even with their faith and religion. Of course, no matter what people think about having a tattoo, the fact said that there are more and more people out there who tend to love to have at least one tattoo such as a beautiful dandelion tattoo.

Dandelion Tattoo Adds Beauty into Your Look

Basically, there is no tattoo which is specifically designed for men or especially for women. All tattoo designs can always be perfectly fit for both men and women. The only difference about tattoo designs for men and women is just about the size. Usually, tattoos for men will be bigger than tattoos for women. But sometimes, they can differ in terms of designs. For instance, tattoo sleeve is practically designed for men as it will cover almost the entire arms from the shoulder to the wrist. However, there are some women who tend to have this sleeve tattoo.

In addition, a typical flower tattoo can be fit well in the shoulders, ankle, wrist, neck, back, stomach, or even some people will have it as sleeve tattoo. Practically, a group of small dandelions can be best appeared around the shoulders and behind the neck. The philosophy behind dandelion tattoos is about the beauty, purity, and a symbol of freedom and eternity. Thus, if you want to get more attractive with any outfits you have worn, you can try to deal with this kind of tattoo.