17 Dreamcatcher Tattoo: a Fun Way to Protect Your Dreams from Bad Luck

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Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Talking about tattoo means that we are talking about someone’s personality and character. It is because the choice on tattoo designs will truly represent someone’s personal taste and style. For instance, women who tend to have masculine characters may not choose a typical sweet tattoo design such as rose, butterfly, dragonfly, or sunflower tattoo. The same thing also happens when someone who tends to love something unique, beautiful, yet very authentic; will strictly want a kind of unique tattoo design like dreamcatcher tattoo.

Dreamcatcher Tattoo and the Area of Body to Have it

Since there are a plenty of different amazing dream catcher tattoo designs that can be found out there, it is quite difficult to decide where the best place around the body to get this tattoo is. It is one hundred percent based on your personal decision whether you want this tattoo to appear in your back, in your ankle, in your neck, in your inner wrist, or on your shoulder. Also, it will significantly depend on the size of your tattoo. If it is big enough, you can put it in your back or shoulder. But if it is a small octopus tattoo, for instance, it will be best to have it in your ankle, inner wrist, or around the neck.

From hundreds of years ago, people around the world have known about this dreamcatcher tattoos for girls. This kind of tattoo has a deep philosophy meaning to catch the bad dreams and giving back the good dreams for you. In some cultures, certain forms of dream catcher things are often being placed in the door or above the bed to protect your dreams from any bad luck. With its meaning and philosophy, it is not surprising that there are more women who tend to decide to go with this tattoo rather than men.