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Elephant Tattoo

Elephant is a universal symbol of loyalty, a good luck and strength. It is no wonder that elephant symbolizes the strength; indeed elephant is a big mammal in a mammoth size. The adult elephants can reach up to 5 tons and hit over 10 feet tall. This elephant fact conveys that elephant is the symbol that represents the incredible power.

The Elephant Tattoo Means

Possessing the incredible meaning, elephant tattoo has become a trending tattoo design these days. It makes a gorgeous tattoo design when it is well planned and properly placed in your body. The elephant tattoo makes a decent choice for many reasons, whether it is a small or large design. The elephant is protective to their children and herd. They would die to protect their family and herd. If you share the same nature to your family, the elephant tattoo is best fit for you. Additionally, the elephant tattoo symbolizes wisdom and fertility. Thus, elephant is a good choice for a maternal tattoo.

On the other hand, elephant shows the special characters. Despite their big size and wildlife, the elephants are having low-key temper, which makes them called as the gentle giant. This is one of the key characters that many people derive from the elephant symbol. People that resemble elephant head tattoo can be very powerful and easily dominate, yet they prefer to live in a peace and keep calm.

The elephant tattoo also has a connection with Buddhism, similar to lotus flower tattoo. The Buddha selected white elephant for his reincarnation. Associating with Buddhism, The meaning of elephant tattoo means compassion, love, kindness, peace and truth. In addition, the elephant also has a strong relationship with Hinduism. There is one deity in Hindu that has the head of Elephant as its symbol, called Ganesha. This Deity is thought to bring luck and move the obstacle away for the pure heart.