14 Hourglass Tattoo: Reminds Yourself How Precious Time is!

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Hourglass Tattoo

If you question what the most precious asset in life is, the answer could be time. Indeed, time is one of the precious assets in life, which cannot be returned. Thus, it should be invested wisely to get a great result and earn success in your life. The amazing things about the time are that, we are given the equal amount of time in a day, which keeps running away. This makes the ‘time’ such a treasure as well as the bomb, depending on the person that uses the time. This phenomenon inspires people to have a hourglass tattoo engraved on their body, which somehow indirectly reminds the owner and the person around to use the time wisely.

The hourglass tattoo possesses its own charm, thus it can be a beauty piece engraved on your body that is full of meanings. The meanings behind the hourglass symbolism include time, balance, temporal, cycle, life and death. On the other side, the hour glass tattoo also has a deep meaning, such as hourglass is the symbol of the universe balance. The top half of the hourglass represents the sky and another half represents the earth, and the energy of the universe passing between those two sides of hourglass.

Hourglass Tattoo and a Favorite Part of Body to Have It

Because of its uniqueness and deep meaning, the hourglass tattoo and peacock feather tattoo have become the source of interest. It becomes a popular tattoo design for artist, which leads this design to the trending tattoo design nowadays. Hourglass design looks stunning on every body part; however, there are several body parts that are popular and common areas for this tattoo design. The most common area for hourglass tattoo is the back area, whether it is in a big or medium size. The smaller size is mostly used in the upper part of the arm.