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Hummingbird Tattoo

Hummingbird tattoo is one of the delicate tattoo designs out there that have delicate and detailed looks. Since it is incorporated in many colors, the tattoo design has gained many preferences. The creativity of the designer also plays an important role in creating a stunning hummingbird look that gives a natural image. The symbolic meaning of the hummingbird and flower tattoo design varies depending on the cultural point of view. However, this tattoo design somehow has a universal meaning throughout all the cultures.

Hummingbird Tattoo Universal Meaning

The hummingbird tattoo holds a deep meaning when it is related to the Native American because this tattoo design has become a part of their legends. It also has a mythical and mystical meaning due to the legends. It is well known that hummingbird is having good flying skills and has unique colors. Based on the legend and scientific view, the humming bird is one of the most active birds. They can fly in any direction, it is also known to feed themselves up to 50 times in a day because their activities. They can be seen in many colors, but mostly in hues. According to the Native American Culture, this tattoo symbolizes love. Based on the some tribes, the Caingang and Butucuo, the hummingbirds symbolize water due to its blue colors. In general, the hummingbirds symbolize the sight of the survival or the abilities of the bearer to overcome the difficulties. The eyes of the hummingbirds represent the way how the bearer looks the situation, the way of thinking and the vision.

The design of this Tattoo varies. It is only limited by the imagination of the designer. Sometimes, it is combined with a teardrop tattoo to give a certain impression and a deep meaning if necessary.