16 Paw Print Tattoo: A Tattoo Recommended for Animal Lovers

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Paw Print Tattoo

Tattoo comes in various designs and styles, and the paw print tattoo is one of those designs. It can express a wide range of meanings. It can be worn as a simple body art in a small spot; alternatively, it can be a symbol or the lost pet, such as dog and cat. Despite its simple design, it also gives a cute and chic look due to its shape. In general, it has a four-finger print at the top and one big print on the bottom part. It looks adorable and friendly, thus expressing the natural and animal lover to the wearer. Thus, this tattoo design is suitable for you who own pet or an animal lover in general.

Other than dog or cat paws, the bear or tiger paw print tattoo is also a popular choice among the paw-tattoo’s lover. Sometimes, people engrave more than one paw to give an impression of walking animal. As for the colors, although the general color of this kind of tattoo is black, you can also use a color tattoo for this design. Make a shading design also looks very versatile.

Why Paw Print Tattoo?

The best thing from this paw print tattoos comes from its size that is relatively small when compared to the typical or common tattoo design. This means that you can spend less money to get this tattoo engraved on your body. Additionally, it also takes a shorter time during its creating process, the skin used is also considered less. Just like the moon tattoo you can make the design as simple as possible. Since it is relatively small, it can be placed in any area of your body part, from leg, hand, shoulder, back, chest, and even the upper part of the heel or on the palm of the hand.