17 Ponytail Braid for a Formal or Casual Style

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Some women may feel bored with the ponytail braid, as they often see and use the hair style. But, you should understand a few variations of this haircut. What’s more, you can combine with some accessories or, perhaps, remodel the hairdo.

Making a Messy Ponytail Braid

The ideas are spread around us, like the ponytail with side french Bbaid for you who want to be different. How will we make it?

  1. As the first step, you have to comb all your hair. It would be nice if you have shampooed and dried it. Avoid tangled hair so that it does not disturb the steps. Once everything is settled, we started from selecting some parts of braided hair to the side.
  2. Everything will be the same as the hair braids, with a style on both sides. Of course, you can make a knot at the top of your head. To create a bun, you can wrap a few braids on the head. Perhaps, you can use all the braid to make up your bun.
  3. Well, everything is complete, and in fact it was appropriate for the style braid with bun. But, do not we will make a messy style? There are several ways to make your hair look a bit messy. First is taking a few strands from the side that extends between the ears. The second option is to create a similar pattern on the back of the head. Or you can use the two styles, according to your taste. Just keep your braid around ponytail for perfect appearance.

Everything is done with your coiffure. The next thing is to integrate on your clothing. It is a haircut that you can use to formal requirements, or perhaps, a casual style. Remember that some haircuts may not be in accordance with the type or shape of the face. In conclusion, you should consider the appropriateness and balance of messy ponytail braid.