17 Praying Hands Tattoo: How to Shine Your Best Expressions

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Praying Hands Tattoo

Why do you want to make a praying hands tattoo? You are not a religious person, and you feel that you have no special reason. However, you should be able to put it ought to be. Somehow, this is a tattoo that is a bit difficult to be placed in several parts of the body. Meanwhile, you also must be able to determine the appropriate combination between color ink and your skin.

Shine Your Expressions Using Praying Hands Tattoo

The best part of this tattoo is an expression that is very reassuring when we see it. With two hands clasped, you like to establish communication with the spiritual power that control yourself. The easiest example is made buddha tattoo, and this is one popular choice in most people. Typically, we see something and want to replicate it and put in our bodies. But it could be a rash decision because what you see is not necessarily going to suit your body. Worse, the tattoo will always be attached to your skin. You will need a greater cost to remove a tattoo than to make it. Once you consider it as well as possible, you can use the most suitable tattoo for your body.

Where are we going to put it? That is a difficult question, because it could not comply with certain body parts. However, you can put it in your back or chest. This tattoo would be perfect if you could choose the most beautiful pictures with outstanding expression. It is recommended that you use black ink instead of color. With the combination of black and leather, it has created a spiritual force to the body part. Choosing tattoo with a combination of colors can indeed make a difference. Unfortunately, it may be less relevant to the image. So, it would be better if you use neutral colors for pray hands tattoo.