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Retro Fashion

Retro fashion from 60s is one of the ageless trends. The women retro fashion from 1960s is very bold. The bright colors are very dominated on clothes. Simple silhouette dress is the signature of the 1960s. Jackie O separates style which combined with hats is the highlight of that year fashion. Casual hippie style happens in this era.
Around 1960-1961, retro fashion was dominated by knee-length ball-gown-styled dress. The sleeveless was the trend. In 1961, the dress was designed with buttons and collars. Gloves were featured on these years. For hairdo, 1960, the hair was mostly updo. Then, in 1961, women tried to let their down which accessorized with headband which had matching color with dress.

In 1962, the classic fashion for women’s dress changed a little. The knee-length ball-gown-styled dress was replaced with sheath silhouette. That kind of fitted dress was still design with buttons and color similar with 1961. The dress was also featured with belt and three-quarter sleeves. Gloves were still on but the headband was over. The year after, the sleeves of the dress were shorter. Then, the silhouette was changed to A-line one. The collar was getting bigger.

Around 1964-1965, the A-line dress was still retro fashion trend. Even though, in the1964, the dress came out with sleeves. But in 1965, the sleeves came out in long ones. Gloves was started to out from trend these years. Hats were started to use around 1964.

Sheath dress with belt was back in 1960s retro fashion around 1965. That year, bob hairdo was a trend. A-line was started dominating again in 1966. The long sleeves were designed in balloon style. The dress is ornamented with front pockets.

The dress of retro fashion in 1967 was quite similar with 1966. The baby doll style dress 1969 was started on. The short balloon sleeves were a trend that year. Curly hair was started replacing the straight hair from years before.