18 Star Tattoo: “The Dream Comes True”

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Star Tattoo

There are countless stars at the clear night sky. Long before modern times, people use stars at the sky to explain certain issues for their lives by the help of the mythology. Therefore, stars have become a powerful symbol for human life. It is one of the symbols that are used quite long time ago and it’s still widely used even in the modern times. Star Symbol in the old era has a lot of mythical and religious meanings. These days, this symbol has been adopted as one of the tattoo design, star tattoo. It is a popular tattoo design either for men or for women.

The star tattoo is a good choice for those who want to try a tattoo for the first time. It is because of its simple design and it can be created in a small size. For the first tattoo, the black and small tattoo design can be very striking. For more fabulous looks, it can be combined with another design like stardust, cloud, star trail and so on. Aside of black, you can also combine several colors. You can also have the several stars at once to make a shooting star tattoo on your body, which is more stunning and has a universal meaning.

Shooting Star Tattoo Engraved on Your Body

While everyone knows that shooting star is the phenomenon when the meteor enters the atmosphere, the shooting star tattoo has a different meaning. The shooting star means success, good luck and the most widely accepted meaning is “the dream comes true”. Unlike, the hourglass tattoo that has both positive and negative meanings, the shooting star always gives positive impressions. Thus, it has become one of the popular tattoo designs whether in a small, medium or large size.