14 Tattoo Ideas and Their Meanings

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Tattoo Ideas

It is no secret that tattoos are a popular body art that depicts certain symbols, which make most of people get the tattoos engraved on their body based on their symbolic meanings. The cool tattoo ideas are something that would be noticed by people around, and sometimes they may wonder what the story or what’s the meaning behind those tattoos, it is an art design or a certain symbol. Since this tattoo culture gains its popularity, tattoos are loved by more and more people, almost every folk all over the world either already has one, or eager to get one on their body. It is not only just a body art or fashion; it is a way to express yourself and your personality, which makes your different from others.

Tattoo Ideas and Their Meaning

If you intend to have one on your body, you can search further tattoo ideas, designs and their meanings to have cool tattoos on your body that show your personality. There are a plenty of tattoo ideas that may represent your true characters. Before making decision for certain tattoo designs, make sure that you know and understand their symbolic meanings. This is a very important matter since tattoos will be engraved on your body for several years ahead. Here are several tattoo designs and ideas for both men and women that have certain meanings.

  1. Feather tattoo: Feathers are the symbol of enlightenment and freedom, the feather tattoos can be linked to the Native American ancient culture.
  2. Rose and skull tattoo: the combination means life and death or love and death
  3. Skull tattoo: Skull tattoo is one of the popular tattoo ideas for men. It represents the vessel of soul or wisdom. This kind of tattoo also means death.
  4. Compass tattoo: Represents guidance for the right direction.