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Tattoo Sleeve

Tattoo has long been known by people all around the world as a kind of unique human creation and a part of work of art. As tattoo has a very long history, there are millions of tattoo designs with their own truthful meanings that can be simply found out there. Among all those various different amazing tattoo designs, tattoo sleeve has become a great example about an authentic meaningful tattoo. Tattoo sleeve can be a large tattoo or a collection of some small tattoos. These smaller tattoos will usually have a similar theme that covers the whole arms from shoulders to wrists.

Tattoo Sleeve Selection

As a matter of fact, the term ‘sleeve’ comes from the size similarity of tattoos which cover to a long shirt sleeve. When the term ‘sleeve’ has been used as a verb ‘getting sleeved’, it means that to have someone’s entire arm tattooed. Just like any other tattoos’ themes, these sleeve tattoos have also been used to demonstrate a unified artistic theme. Since it needs to cover almost the entire arm, sometimes you may need long hours of tattooing in order to make it complete. In some cases, it may need weeks or even months just to complete the whole designs. Dandelion tattoo can actually become a part of these sleeve tattoos.

When you want to get both arms to be fully tattooed, it can also be called as tattoo sleeves. Of course, you can always have choice to select whether you want to get a typical classic black and grey colored sleeve tattoo or you want something more extravagant like having multi-colored sleeve tattoos. Besides dandelion, phoenix and tribal motifs can be other great examples on sleeve tattoo designs. Or, if you want to express your personal feelings to someone, you can always tell the professional tattoo artist to create someone’s face in your arm.