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Tattoo Sleeves

Tattoo sleeves are one of the interesting options for those who want to cover their body with tattoos. The tattoo design blocks the arm or area that is tattooed. Thus, before etching this kind of tattoo on your body, you have to be sure that you really want it because it is like there is no turning back. You also have to prepare yourself before placing the ink beneath your skin because it will take a longer time and spend more energy to get full tattoo sleeves finished. The full tattoo design is usually designed from the shoulder into the wrist. Similar with other tattoo designs, there is no limitation in its design. The only limit is the creativity and imagination of the drawer. For the themes, there are also quite many, from abstract, tribal, fantasy, to the colored realistic one. It is usually designed for men, and most often, it is in black and white.

Please note that tattoos are hard to remove, moreover when the tattoos are the big ones like tattoo sleeves. Therefore, make sure that you already research and study either the design or the studio where you would like to draw your tattoo. Tattoo basically is the work of art, in this case, it is better to appoint the one who is either expert or talented in tattoo art to execute your tattoo.

The Artwork of the Tattoo Sleeves

Just like the general tattoos, such as infinity tattoo, tattoo is about doing some arts on the media of certain parts of your body. Since it is etching on the body, it is better to choose one theme that suits to your character or personality. For example, having the coffee bean tattoo sleeves on your arm may be the best choice for you who are coffee addicted.