15 Teardrop Tattoo: The Sorrow Story Behind the Tattoo

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Teardrop Tattoo

If you are looking for a small size tattoo with a simple design, you can choose a teardrop tattoo. It is a small size with a simple shaped tattoo which design resembles the teardrop. It is usually placed under an eyes, or you can place anywhere around your body. Even though generally, this tattoo design gives the impression that the person who bears the tattoo is crying or in grieve, since this tattoo has a simple design, people still choose this tattoo design to be placed in their body. While the general impression that is given by this tattoo is related to the sad story behind, the teardrop tattoo has many stories related to its symbolic meaning.

On the other side, the small shaped tattoo that is also popular choice is the hummingbird tattoo. Depicted from its name, this tattoo has the hummingbird shaped on its main design. Sometimes, it is combined with flower shaped tattoo or combined with tear drop tattoo as the tears of the bird. When it is placed together in one tattoo design, the sky blue is usually chosen as the main color.

Stories behind Teardrop Tattoo

Some people said that the origin of the teardrop tattoo comes from Chicano gangs in California. Then it is adopted as the marked of the people that are killed in the prison. The solid shaped teardrop tattoo means there is a murder committed. When the tattoo has a clear middle means that it is trying to murder, and when the teardrop is empty, it means that the loved one has been murdered. According to these beliefs, it is no wonder that nowadays the teardrop tattoos are giving the impression of the grieving. Nevertheless, these days this tattoo shape is very popular and even famous celebrities have it.