16 Tree of Life Tattoo: a Philosophical Work of Art

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Tree of Life Tattoo

Tattoo has a very long history, and it has already known by people all around the world since hundreds of years ago. A similar thing also happens to the typical tree tattoo. Tree has also long been known as a symbol of life which has a very deep meaning. In many cultures and traditions, the tree of life tattoo creates the effect of mystical fantasy on human bodies. Tree with its roots explains to us about understanding the true meaning in life as well as absorbing its essence as healing diseases. This kind of tattoo has a wide variety of sizes.

Tree of Life Tattoo: Simple, Natural and Essential

Of course, the size of this tree tattoo will determine exactly in what place of the body you should put it. If the size is large enough, you can simply put it in your back, rib, or sleeve. However, if the size is quite small, you can get it in your shoulder or around the neck. Initially, this tree tattoo comes from the ancient culture in Celtic families. For making it look more natural, you can simply have tree tattoo along with the birds surround it. Along with the beauty of tree tattoo, there is also another amazing design, an elegant diamond tattoo.

Both of these tattoo designs will perfectly fit into most women’s style and taste. Having a diamond or tree of life tattoo will not only add the beauty into the skin, but also make them feel more feminine as well as elegant at the same time. As a link to the whole universe, tree can also become a symbol of fertility, power, wisdom, and the essence of life. Moreover, tree tattoo with branches can simply symbolize about something which connects between all things in heaven and in the earth.